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The College of Nursing aligns its vision with that of the University of forming Men and Women for others who will bring about peace and development by addressing the health needs of people in the city, the region, the nation and the world.


The College of Nursing believes that an Ateneo nursing education develops in each and every student the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed for a life of dedicated service.

In line with this mission, the College commits itself:
* To develop citizenship in its students by deepening their love of country to prepare them to become active participants in building a healthy citizenry;
* To instill in the students the spirituality reflective of ecumenism that recognizes the diversity and the universality of health care and the Ignatian spirituality of humble service;
* To inculcate in the students the Jesuit tradition of excellence, by honing the skills required by the nursing profession and providing quality education that focuses on the total formation of students.
* To generate competence in students that builds on committed passion to provide a conscientious care based on evidenced based research and critical thinking with respect to moral ethical principles of nursing education in the service of God and country.